Aude Wines
“Aude Pays Cathare”

Cabardès -The Cabardès was always a territory, a land, balance between East and West, North and South, mountains and valleys, rain and sun.

Corbières – Covering a vast territory, the vineyard of Corbières enjoys very favorable weather conditions: lots of sunshine, a dry north wind, ensuring the vines good sanitary conditions.

Limoux – In 1531, in the cellars of the Benedictine abbey of Saint-Hilaire, a monk notes that the wine he has bottled and cork-sealed “becomes foam.” There are bubbles in the Limoux wine! The first sparkling wine of the world is born of this chance and this vineyard.

Malepère – Located west of Carcassonne in a limestone region with varied relief, The Malepère AOC wines enjoy a particularly tonic weather, oceanic warm and Mediterranean heat.

Minervois – Rolling hills, old stones and ancient culture, hiking, smells of scrubland, colorful traditions … Warm hills unfolding before you, leading to this wonder, the Canal du Midi … The Minervois is a gem in Aude.

Discover our wine bar in Carcassonne, ideally situated, close to the historic city. Come and taste regional wines, carefully selected from the oldest vineyards in the world.

Bar lounge by the fireplace and terrace on sunny days.

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